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General Data Protection Regulations Policy

On May 25, 2018, a new landmark privacy law called "General Data Protection Regulations" (GDPR) will take place within the European Union (EU). These GDPR laws grant new privacy rights to all EU citizens and place many obligations to organisations that retain personal information.

As a supplier of your data, we want to provide clear transparency and give you full control over your personal information. Therefore, we are happy to notify you with the following information so that you can make the appropriate actions moving forward with Agovo.

How was my data obtained?

Your information was either obtained through bpm'online's partner programme* or one of Agovo's online promotions / lead aggregation channels.

*As a partner of bpm'online, your information may have been passed onto us if you have registered your details on since 2015 and are located in the UK and Ireland. Read more on bpm'online's privacy policy here.

What next?

In order to retain your information and ensure you continue to receive high-quality CRM content / industry news, please confirm your subscription via the form on the right. If you do not decide to register, then you will no longer receive any communication, content or trending industry news from Agovo.

Please Note: If you are in current communication with one of our sales representatives, then you may only receive phone calls and direct emails from the sales representative him/herself. Any marketing emails will not be sent through to your inbox without confirmation of subscription via the form on the right.

What type of email communication will I receive?

  • Emails regarding CRM comparison content
  • Emails regarding trending CRM content or industry news
  • Emails regarding customer success stories
  • Emails regarding promotional event (yearly)

You may also receive occasional phone calls if you have expressed an interest in free trials, demonstrations or our CRM success stories.

How do I leave your communications?

As a CRM supplier, we completely respect your right for privacy. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, simply click the 'unsubscribe' link that can be found at the bottom of any marketing email.

If you wish to no longer receive phone calls, simply send an email to letting us know you would like to stop receiving such communications and we will update this request in our system. For the right to be forgotten, please state this clearly in your email with the subject line of 'Forget Me' and this request will be processed.

Please Note: Any email or phone removal requests may take up to 3 working days for the request to be completed. Any requests regarding the right to forgotten may take up to 30 days for the request to be completed.

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and GDPR Notice set out by Your data may be used for email and phone communication from Agovo regarding products, news, promotions, events and may also be stored on bpm'online's database for data synchronisation. You can stop communication anytime by following steps mentioned on our GDPR compliance page.